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Creche/Daycare Center
Daycare Setup

Getting the right selection of Daycare is most important for growth of a child. Our Package comprises of complete turnkey solution for setting up state of art Day Care / Crèche.
Teaching Aids and Kits, Furniture, Play Equipments, Toys, Curriculum, Training, Staffing, Marketing Support. Design and Consultancy

Who Are We?

Over a decade, specialist in early childhood education, Afterschool under New Age Enterprises has empowered over thousand of learners and educators. Over 3000+ children to imagine think and create a better future. After school offers various products and services such as:

  • • Day Care / Crèche running centers
  • • Crèche setup with an end to end curriculum solution.
  • • Montessori / Pre School running centers
  • • Hobby Classes
  • • After School Activities

  • • Howard Gardener’s Multiple Intelligence.
  • • Bloom’s Taxonomy.
  • • John Dewey’s Thematic Approach.

We offer one of the best updated curriculum to run creche , hobby classes and pre school.

Creche Setup

After School has complete knowhow to set up Daycare and crèche service facilities, which guarantees overall development & improvement of the child.

We give complete guidance to set up and run the day care / crèche for the corporate houses.

  Infra Structure
Play Area Wash Room
Library Fire Extinguishers
Sleeping Area Staff Room
Pantry Reception Area
Vinyl Floor Floor Mats
  • • Multiple Intelligence.
  • • Thematic approach.
  • • Montessori Methodology
  • • Parent orientation.

After School has over a decade of experience. In running a quality day care center one needs state of art infra structure set where children feel safe and secured.

All the staff deployed by After School is Montessori trained. We ensure all staff deployed are caring and children feel at home. Staff takes special care to nurture children.

  Basic Accessories Required
Toys Music System
Slides Table and Chairs
Cycles Cupboards
Refrigerators Oven
Cookery Aqua Guard / RO
  • • Coordinator
  • • Activity Teachers
  • • Maids
  • • Security Guard
Why Corporate house needs Crèche

The rules and regulations for running a crèche
in India are as under:
1) The facility should be extended to children within the age group of 90 days to 10 years.
2) A minimum of 5 children in the above age group is required for a crèche to be set up.
3) The space specified per child is 6-8 sq feet so that they have sufficient room to play, rest and study without any disturbances.
4) Sanitation should be clean, hygienic and well maintained at all times.
5) Educational as well as play material have to be made available as per the needs of the children.
6) First aid with medicines for common ailments have to be made available.
7) The caretaker of the children should have completed the crèche training program from a recognized institution.

  Maternity Benefit Amendment 2017

The Maternity Benefit Act was amended to provide crèche facilities in the Establishments employing 50 or more employees.

  Other Acts which mentions Creche to be established:
  • • Factory Act 1948
  • • Rajiv Gandhi National Scheme
  • • Mine Crèche Rules 1966
  • • Regulation and Employment Conditions of Service Act 1996
FAQs – Daycare Setup

1. Curriculum Related
2. Set up and Administration Related

How is your curriculum better than others?

Our curriculum is designed adapting the best practices from Maria Montessori, Howard Gardener’s Multiple Intelligences, Benjamin Bloom’s – Bloom’s Taxonomy and John Dewey’s thematic approach.

Can you help me understand your curriculum?

Our training programme which is designed for 5-7 days would help you get equipped with our approach and methodology ensuring implementation of the curriculum is smooth.

Can you help me understand your curriculum?

Our training programme which is designed for 5-7 days would help you get equipped with our approach and methodology ensuring implementation of the curriculum is smooth.

Why should we opt for your solution?

Our solution provides you with a wide range of aspects that ensures you are all set to start the day care / crèche. We provide Materials, curriculum, marketing support, recruitment, training teachers, setting up of the crèche, day-to-day working of the crèche, staff to run the crèche.

What all does your package include?

The package includes, Curriculum, Educational Materials, Work Books, Work sheets, Diary, Teacher planner, Videos, Laptop, Music system, Rhymes & Songs CD’s, Furniture, Play equipments, Support on Branding & Marketing.

Our Program Cost

Daycare (Crèche) – 6 Days a week
(Monday to Friday) / 9:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.

Setting up Day Care / Creche Services
Consultancy Services Setting up Crèche
Running Crèche in corporate
Setting up Pre School
Setting up Hobby Classes (After School Activities)
*Monthly payment options available for Day care program with food.
  • 1. Full Day: 9:00 A.M. - 7 P.M.
  • 2. 1st Half Day: 9:00 A.M. - 12 A.M.
  • 3. 2nd Half Day: 1:00 P.M. – 4 P.M.
  • 4. Evening: 4:00 P.M. – 7:00 P.M.
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