Duration: 18 Months

This is a program, for those who have completed 10+2 and pursuing graduation. Here the students gain knowledge in Banking areas, and are geared up for a career in Private Sector or Private Sector Banks and financial institutions.

Duration: 3 Months

A graduate who has secured more than 50% is eligible to take up this program, through activities and workshops, Role Plays and others, and thus the student is equipped for a career in a Private sector bank/Financial institution. The program covers different banking areas including, various Banking channels, KYC Guidelines, Payment modes, Accounting areas, and Banks’ third party products.

Duration: 45 Days

This is a specialized program, which covers CASA products in detail, as also other payment products viz NEFT, RTGS , IMPS etc., along with nuances of selling techniques. Students are equipped in presentation skills, League skills, Team building areas and others, which makes them to pitch in to the sales section of a Bank/Financial institution.

Wellcome to the world of Banking

The banking industry provides a wealth of opportunities for experienced professionals, college graduates and entry-level workers. There are 81 scheduled commercial banks with a combine network of 53,000 branches and 17,000 ATMs. India set to become banking hub by 2040. Banking growth rate to increase to 13.4 % by 2020. There are 1.5 lakh banking job vacancies in private banks . With rapid banking growth it is expected that banks will have 7.5 lakh jobs in next five years. Bank Master takes the responsibility of providing career in Banking Industry. Each candidate are professionally counseled prior to admission .Personal attention is given to each candidate to develop skills to adapt to the banking environment.

The World of Banking - after school
Why Banks are backbone of country’s economy?
The World of Banking - after school

Banking sector are the backbone of country’s economy as finance is the life blood of commerce and trade. Banks provide the bridge between those who have capital and those who need capital. Banks as financial institute provides lending and credit avenues to the society. Development of any country depends on the banking system. Modern banking is playing a big role also in merchant banking, asset management , infra structure banking and online banking. Banks plays a critical role in the economy of any country as it controls the interest rates of loans and deposits. Banks by expanding and opening branches in smaller cities and villages in addition to big cities helps in the process monetisation very important for growth of the economy. Banks ;loans help entrepreneurs to set up business creating large scale employment in the country.

Career Opportunities in the Banking Sector

Today banking is one of the most popular career choice among the college pass outs. Banking jobs are white collar jobs which provides stability, secure and good salary. Young aspirants find it glamorous and status symbol. Post demonetization banks will become one of the largest employment generating sector.
Banks provide variety of jobs such as tellers, accounting, law, customer relations, public relations, investment banking, wealth management, backend operations, taxes, team management, forex, financial analyst, auditors, loan officers, treasurers, mortgage banking, retail banking, online banking, international banking.
Now banks are also in the mutual funds , securitisation business credit cards, consumer loans, housing loans, housing loans besides trading in gold and forex activities. This has increased the scale of banking job opportunities.

The World of Banking - after school

What Do Banks Look For While Appointing

Good communication skills,
Interpersonal skills
Flexibility and Adaptibility
Ability to deal with customers
Basic banking knowledge
Positive Attitude

8000+ Graduates Trained

Over 8000 graduates seeking a banking career have trained with us across India. Training programs skills the youth and engages with young aspiring bankers.

Placement Network

Placement Network have partnered with over 25+ Private Banks and Financial Companies and is constantly adding new banks.

Salary in Banking Jobs

Banks have excellent compensation packages, offering medical, dental, provident fund, life insurance benefits as well as retirement plan options. For fresher’s depending upon the qualities, banks and nature of jobs the salary can range between 15,000 /- to 50,000/- per month.

The World of Banking - after school

Industry Mapped Curriculum

Bank Master is a valued partner to major Private Banks and Financial Institutions, Our research and development team works closely with bankers to devise updated banking curriculum . Our curriculum is mapped to the banking industry which makes us unique and preferred choice for youth to fulfill their dream careers in banks.


Bank Master - after school