The Powerful effects of drawing using memory power – After School

Researchers say that we can clearly state that Drawing can rule out reading and write out is the best effective method to memorize things for a longer period of time.

When undergone an experiment it was clear that the theory above is really effective and adaptive in today’s world. When the students were called under the experiment to remember the shown things and to interpret the things on the paper, the result went in favor of the theory. It was found that only 20% of the things were written down and those who imagined the things and remembered it was seen to be accounted for about 45% and more.

The most important aspect of this thing is that the drawing of this image to interpret the information is that the artistic talent of any given child is not all considered while measuring the effect of this experiment.

It is clear that when we draw we imagine where our imaginative power gets on top exploring different perspectives around the world which in turn permits us to analyze with the art on paper with the precious hands of the children, so one must imagine, one must draw, one must write for the better memory power. In After School we teach drawing lessons to all our children with expert teachers at Kolkata, Netaji Nagar and Behala Arcadia. Even in our Nursery Teachers Training , teachers are skilled to impart drawing skills to the children which helps to improve creativity and memory. As parents if you wish to check memory power of your child check if your child draws. All parents must encourage their children to draw during early childhood so as children develops love towards drawing. Drawing is very important to trigger creativity cells in the brains.

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