Surprising 1 in every 3rd children struggle with handwriting.

There are many reasons why children struggle with handwriting. One of the most common is poor fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are the small movements of the hand and fingers that are necessary for writing. These skills are developed through play and practice, and some children may need extra support to strengthen them.

Another common reason for poor handwriting is a lack of interest or motivation. Children who do not see the value in writing may not put in the effort required to improve their skills. This is especially true in a world where technology dominates, and typing has replaced handwriting as the primary means of communication.

But don’t worry, there are many ways you can support your child’s handwriting skills. 4 easy techniques to make your child improve on handwriting skills:

  1. Encourage your child to practice writing in a fun and creative way. This could be anything from writing letters to their favourite characters or keeping a journal of their daily activities.
  2. Provide your child with the right tools, such as a comfortable pen or pencil and paper that is the appropriate size for their hands.
  3. Help your child develop their fine motor skills through play. Activities like cutting with scissors, playing with doh, or building with blocks can all help to strengthen the muscles in their hands.
  4. Show your child the importance of handwriting by writing notes to them, creating shopping lists together, or writing letters to family members

Let’s celebrate uniqueness in handwriting styles of our children. Handwriting also develops confidence and personality of a child. Handwriting goes a long way in improving memory, creativity and concentration of a child.

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