Free Summer Camp for all children up to 6 years of age

Free Summer Camp for all children up to 6 years of age at Euro Kids Behala and Tollygunge at Kolkata is a great initiative to allow all children to come together. After two years of pandemic time for children to have fun. Let’s make this summer of 2022 a great fun time for children as they have been mostly indoors. We owe to it children as most spent time alone during COVID. Good time for children to escape from mundane activities and isolation time. Most children missed playing time with their peers and as they were in house arrest. It was a challenging time as schools were all closed and children were forced to stay indoors. Most of the children went on depression and lost interest in socializing. Summer Camp is a great way to get children back to new normal.

Summer Camp is the perfect opportunity for children to engage with their friends, play and have fun. This is the best way to get children back to use their creativity in social environment.

Most children were glued to indoors spending lot of time with televisions and mobiles.  Summer Camp will allow the children to break the shackles and get back to play time with their friends and peers.

Five reasons for  Children to join Summer Camp

Engagement: Summer Camp will have lot of fun activities which will encourage children to engage and build social skills. Break the jinx of COVID : Enough time spent indoors, time to break free and have fun for children. No more living in isolation.

Nurture Growth: Children through fun games explore to learn new things, perform activities, use creativity and engage and develop socializing. This nurtures growth and a good sense of identity for each child.

Intellectual Growth : Most children as schools were closed were deprived of basic things due to lock down. In summer camp children will be encouraged to solve puzzles, through simulation fun activities  use their creativity minds for intellectual growth.

Team Work: Most children have spent last two years in isolation. Many parents are giving feedback that their child are not mixing, going out to play. It is important that they get back to playing with friend. Fun activities during summer camp will allow children to learn and operate as a  team player.

Healthy Growth: Physical activities during summer camp will engage children in fun filled physical games. Physical activities is important for growth both for mental and  physical growth especially during the early years.

We at Euro Kids like parents to make best of this initiative and make children join the summer camp at our pre school located in Moore Avenue, Tollygunge and Behala Arcadia in the city of Kolkata.Registration is free. We have limited seats. For free registration contact 9836289033, or visit website