Teaching is one of the greatest career choices for many reasons. For those considering a career in teaching, this article will be definitely helpful. Let’s see why more young people showing their interests towards becoming a teacher and why would you choose to teach as your profession. Following are reasons why teaching jobs for fresher are also becoming emerging career opportunity.  Due to high openings in teaching jobs . ,many options have also opened as part time teaching jobs in Kolkata for students.

Here are some Top 10 reasons why you should take up teaching jobs?

  1. Be a lifelong learner:

One of the main reasons for choosing teaching jobs is devotion to lifelong learning. If you want to teach then you want to learn so you learn something new along the way like trends, historic events, new technology and so on which helps you to become more knowledgeable.

  1. Job security:

More importantly, there will always be a need for teachers, while other jobs are replaced by technology. There always exists a high demand for qualified teachers. Many former teachers are still guidance counselor, administrator or social workers. Teaching has no retirement age. Besides, many teachers in addition to pay jobs also teach in private for side income.

  1. Inspire students:

Every one of us can still remember the little things said by our teachers, which stuck in our minds and informed our viewpoints all these years. So, which means a teacher always inspire and leave a lasting impression on students, mold their young, impressionable minds. So, this will be definitely one of the benefits of this job.

  1. Holidays:

Yes, another big bonus for becoming a teacher is the holidays they get when working in a school. Summer holidays are another great perk. Paid time off outside the academic year is definitely a big benefit for teachers. It makes you spend your time equally between home and school, which helps to keep your mind get relaxed always.

  1. Energizing environment:

When you start spending your time with students it’s impossible to get bored. Because you relish the chance to grow and evolve, moreover, it will be a fun environment and keeps you young always with the smile in your face even in the most frustrating moments.

  1. Convenient scheduling:

Being a parent, there lies a responsibility to take care of the children when they come back home from school, but in this case, you will be on the same schedule. Additionally, lesson planning and prep work for the next day can be done from home.

  1. To give back to your community:

If you like to contribute to your community in a meaningful way then teaching is one of the most direct ways to make an impact. Your little contribution to young minds may help our new generation of students to achieve many things in their life and that makes a greater difference in the world.

  1. Intangible rewards:

Each day you find yourself encouraged and uplifted, you start cherishing the silly things they do, funny things they say, questions they ask and so on. Things like birthday cards, drawings are given by students as a token of their affection makes you feel happy and joyous.

  1. Freedom:

If you don’t need someone to dictate every moment of your day, then you’ll love teaching. That is, you have autonomy in the classroom to choose based on how your students learn. It’s completely based on your creativity.

  1. Satisfying career:

Teaching makes you feel that you have more than just a job. It makes you get satisfaction by knowing that you made a difference in many lives.

Only a special person can become a teacher. Therefore, choose a rewarding career in touching young lives and changing them for the better. There is a growing demand for teaching jobs in Kolkata. So if you are passionate it does not matter if you have experience or a fresher. Teaching jobs are available in plenty. Just check go to naukri.com login, you will be surprise on number of teaching jobs available in Kolkata and West Bengal. Part time teaching jobs for students are available in plenty. For free career guidance in teaching reach out to After Schools in Kolkata as they provide following teaching job options:


  • Nursery Teacher Training (NTT): offer one year and two year diploma in Nursery Teacher Training Course in Kolkata with placement assistance. The course syllabus covers Montessori methodology. Most students on passing easily get the Montessori Teacher jobs in Kolkata. School teaching jobs are on rise both in pre primary and primary school teaching jobs domain.
  • Yoga Trainer: Yoga Trainers are in high demand . If you are passionate about Yoga and also like to earn from it , nothing better than doing Yoga Teacher Training. Many get self employed and take up multiple yoga classes or start their own yoga studion in their city for a living.
  • Abacus Teachers: Have you wondered what is abacus . Abacus coaching centers are budding and many of them require Abacus Teachers. It skills students on memory and maths. Abacus for kids have become very popular today.Many schools have also added abacus maths as part of their curriculum. Many parents encourage their children to join Abacus to improve creative and logical thinking. Abacus teacher training course will train you to become an Abacus Teacher. You can pursue Abacus Teacher as part time or full time job. Many ladies are getting into this profession and becoming an entrepreneur by taking up abacus franchise. Abacus course fees are very reasonable and usually paid in instalments. So what are you thinking ? Tell yourself “I need to find out  abacus classes near me” to kick start my teacher training profession.