School Admission Interview Questions Parents Must Prepare For

  • 1. Please tell some thing about your education ?
    Share about education background of both parents and how you plan to use your education background to nurture your child.
  • 2. Do you live in a joint or nuclear family? How many people are there at home?
    The school wants to check if you have any help at home to take care of the child. Joint family can be good . If you live in nuclear family talk about how child can get help from extended family and neighbors when needed.
  • 3. Are you both working? How do you plan to coordinate with your child's school timings?
    For a working couple, there should be clarity on school drop and pick up As parents you need to also share how will you take care of spending quality time with your child. How will you help your child in homework and studies.
  • 4. How have you prepared your child for school?
    Share how you have been taking care of the child’s early learning’s like story telling, drawing, eating habits and toilet manners.
  • 5. Why did you select our school? Have you applied to other schools as well?
    Do have a look at school’s website .You can talk about the school's history, curriculum, faculty, past students, in case any of the parent or relatives have studied in school. Oher factors such as proximity to your home also helps . You can be honest about other applications as it is alright for parents to try best suitable avenues for their child.
  • 6. Is your child on schedule with vaccination? Has he had a case of serious illness in the past?
    Do take care that all the necessary vaccinations of the child are done. Share all the medical records if asked.
  • 7. What are your dreams for your child? How do you want us to help fufill them?
    Be open on how you plan to work with the school to fulfill your ambitions for your child.
  • 8. How is your marriage? Do you have frequent arguments at home?
    You can share your home environment. If there is some unrest, be honest about it .
  • 9. What do you do for fun in your spare time? What are your hobbies/interests?
    Mention about books, sport, music, etc you are passionate about. Feel free to share your hobbies and interests.
  • 10. Do you believe your school reports truly reflect your ability and effort?
    Explain how the balance of both academics and extra curricular activities are important for holistic development of the child.

8 simple tips for parents attending School Admission Interviews for their children

1. Talk to your child before going for the interview. Tell the child why interview is important for his or her admission. Prepare yourselves as a family for interview questions as usually good schools have limited seats.
2. Be early atleast by 15 minutes of the scheduled time. Plan your travel time to avoid risk of running late due to traffic . This helps both you and the child to be relaxed and ready for the meeting.
3. As majority of interviews occur during school hours do block and schedule your timings accordingly in advance. Never be in rush.
4. Carry all the relevant documents of the child as required by the school along with completely filled admission forms. Do take care that admission forms are filled properly and well in advance. Carry some additional photographs of your child. Do not miss to provide any information . Avoid disclosures.
5. Do not get over excited and answer questions asked to your child. . Allow your child to answer questions themselves.
6. Articulate answers of questions directed towards you by the school authorities. It helps to go prepared with answers of some common questions that may be asked.
7. Be familiar with likes and dislikes of your child. How you plan to spend quality time with your child.
8. Feel free to ask any questions regarding school, children activities, safety and development.