Start Early Start Grooming

Kids are usually shy and hesitant. It is important to cultivate confidence in them, making them super achievers of tomorrow. With a little help and understanding, they can flower into smart adults, ready for any challenge.

Hone The Skill

Study your child carefully. Observe her studies and spontaneous leisure activities. There would be one or two fields that she enjoys. Say, you may find from scribbling that she has the makings of a skilled artist or is good at picking up new words. Put a little extra effort to develop that particular talent. Since it is the subject of interest, she’ll enjoy spending more time doing it. Being better than her a unique thrust to her behavior. After all, by definition, confidence is the belief in one’s own ability.


Nothing beats the feel-good quality of wholesome appreciation. Highlights her achievements in front of your friends. If she has accomplished something, be it ever so little as serving water to the guests, put in a few nice words. “My darling daughter dances beautifully”-say this and see the glow of pleasure on Ginny’s face and the extra pep in her step. Always encourage any step taken by her own. You can have credit system, like a star and points for each achievement. However, do not praise falsely. Let her lift herself up to a fair standard before attaching merit or your praise will lose its value. Kids are very quick to discern a fake.

No Negativity

Even if the kid is not doing well, avoid giving a harsh dressing down. Sarcasm and belittling words are an absolute no-no, especially in public. Nothing shrivels up the flowering bud of confidence than that. Such drawbacks should be explained one-on-one quietly. If you just shout, there would be no improvement in your little one. Instead, she will lose whatever confidence was present and perform worse. “Ami is absolutely useless at eating by herself”-make a few such remarks to anybody and you ensure that Ami remains useless. Encourage her to interact with people. Kids usually lack the boldness to go up to a stranger. Friendship and fraternising should be encouraged. Let them visit cousins and relations and have their friends over now and then. Madhu, new to school, remained subdued and quiet. Her mother encouraged him to find out the name of just one kid in his class every day. This worked and slowly Madhu opened up.

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