After School Day Care at Netaji Nagar and Behala: The best place to nurture life our generations

As our children are a piece of our heart that always remind us about how lucky we are to be blessed with them. They bring prosperity and fortune with them when their little feet step into our lives. From the very day of their existence, we fall for more responsibilities and liabilities to achieve and give them the best facilities we could provide them. Here, After School Day Care is one of the best daycare around for your loveys. Our intentions are very kinder to the kids and children “The pieces of your hearts”. We in the school make sure to be gentler, prompt, and considerate towards the broods. We take liabilities as a priority to ensure wellness and comfort for your kids. We make sure to provide the best homely and fervent environment to nurture them in the After School Day Care  located in Netaji Nagar and Behala in the city of Kolkata.

An overview on After School Day Care.

  • The After School Day Care is lavishly furnished to have an at home feeling to kids and children.
  • The best Governesses and sweepers are hired who are enough sensitive to deal with the young ones.
  • The After School Daycare offers the best rates for accommodation and prerequisite services.
  • A well-designed and secured infrastructure that upkeeps all the facilities.
  • Is equipped with all the seasonal apparatus to comfort little toddlers and children.
  • After SchoolDay Care is equipped and organized with most of the games and sports for every aged group child.
  • A precise library is arranged for reading purposes to encourage them that carve interest in them for further studies.

Ultimate Goal of “After School Day Care”

The After School Day Care job is to assist every age group children with the reciprocating process. Also, keeping all the aspects in mind the daycare insistently focus on studies and other activities. Our basic goal is to provide them the knowledge from real-life examples through pictorials, dramas, stories, cartoons and poems to the underage kids. The most considerable part is to look after their wellbeing and completion of their daily homework without hampering any children in the After School Day Care. The daycare focuses on every child/kid with the best understanding of their individual behavior to treat them accordingly. So that brooders can achieve the milestone of success as per their abilities. We at daycare fulfill the target of rendering best upbringing as a child care institution among the surrounded communities.



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Some important aspects that are well taken care of at “After School Day Care”.

  • We keep best mentoring of little lovely kids, children, and teenagers.
  • We retain empathy to let them know the sensitiveness that is needed to grace them.
  • The After SchoolDay Care provides the best care and positive environment, to ensure building agile behaviors of kids/children.
  • We embrace children/kids and motivate them in the right direction to let them learn behavioral
  • We use to keep pampering them in subtle ways so that they learn to react as per the situations.
  • We also help them learn DIY activities that enhance their logical and physical strengths.
  • We preach them best social learnings through appropriate guidance.


An outlook on Academic grounds

On a very professional grounds, After School Day Care never compromise on Academic learnings of our younger ones if they are enrolled in any studies. With our best tutors and governesses, we ensure kids/children utilize their time in an appropriate manner. The After School Day Care schedules and plan out a proper timetable of the kids/children to manage their studies and sports too. We help them in finishing their learning tasks assigned them from their schools. Apart from this, the center facilitates every kid/children with the best way for entertainment to keep them enthusiastic and energetic as well.

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After School Day Care  nurture’s  children to make them the best people in society with their proficiencies in their relevant talent either in academics or sports.



576/A/17 Diamond Harbour Road

(opposite Ashoka Cinema)

Kolkata 700034

+91 9836289033

Netaji Nagar:

5/30A, Tollygunge, Netaji Nagar

Kolkata 700040

+91 9836289033