Summer Camp 2018

Beat the heat this summer with amazing Summer Camp event taking place at  Kolkata in Behala and Tollygune.
Kolkata summer vacations, beginning with fun, adventure and activity and they are synonymous with camps at the Euro kids Playschool at Behala and Tollygunge (Netaji Nagar). Be it in the field of  dance, sports, or co-curricular activities, it has  been a constant endeavour of the school to provide something different to the children every year during summer. The summer camp activities in Kolkata in prominent location of Behala and Tollygunge is aimed at teaching young children to escape from the usual school routine and explore, learn and develop their own interests, work on hobbies and have fun. Keeping these in mind, our Summer Camps in have been focusing on providing very entertaining set-up for the kids to learn and grow. Summer Camp is a good change over for children. It gives them
break from stress full school homework. Children in our summer camp always want to return back. They go fully charged , ready for next session in the school. The summer camps is for the kids to be able to learn, think outside the box , explore creativity, work on their hidden talents. Kids discover their interests be it sports, adventure, science, literature, art, dance and anything that triggers their interest.

“This year, 2018 the summer camp will be held in the month of May for children
aged 2.5 years to 14 years”

“The summer camp is open to all children of other schools as well. Seeing the popularity of the camp since last 5 years children from all reputed schools love to participate in our fun summer camp. As per parents feedback summer vacations being much longer than other holidays, it becomes difficult to keep children occupied at home. For working parents it becomes all the more difficult to manage children during summer vacations. Camps are a good option for working parents to keep children busy and occupied with added advantage of learning something new and exploring new talents. Not to forget at the same time, it’s an enjoyable experience”, said Mrs.Jeetender Kaur, principal of Euro kids playschool of Behala and  Tollygunge. 

Our summer camp caters to the needs of different age groups, the activities are planned and worked out. “We take care to focus on both physical as well as creative activities”.

This year the activities on offer are Dance, Painting, Best out of waste, Water play,  Yoga,Non gas cooking, Book Fair, Retro Party & Magic Show, Selfie corner ( 2 days free demo on Abacus). Our Summer Camp package also includes unique activities on Handwriting Improvement, Quelling, Memory Games, Abacus, Calligraphy and
Spoken English.

Our Summer Camp has state of art Infrastructure which includes: Trained Staff, CCTV, AC, Refrigerator, Yoga Mat, Sleeping Mat, Hygiene Toilet, Kids Library, Kids Gym, Fish Aquarium, Modern toys, Trampoline, Puppet theatre, Oven, Bose music System, Play corner.with ample safe and free space for children.

Summer Camps are planned to focus on the smallest interests of the kids be it music, dance, drama or any sort of art for that matter.

Top 10 reasons why children love to join our summer camps

1. Children are creative and they always love to try new things. Summer Camp pushes children out of their comfort zone and provides them opportunity to explore new activities and experiences. Campers get the opportunity to try out different things and discover new hobbies or passions. Children have a greater chance of
exploring something new and feel happy.

2. Helps children develop social skills. Summer Camp teaches children to communicate, to be a part of team and learn to be a leader. Leadership is developed by giving campers opportunities to full fill responsibilities that may not be expected of them , while sharing resources and teamwork and the desire to participate get easily exhibited.

3. Children learn to face challenges: Children usually most of the time are at their comfort zone. They hardly face situations which are challenging. This makes our modern child very in secure when they step into real world. Children now a days quickly get into depression and stess. At camp, children learn the importance of working hard to accomplish what they want and to never give up, all in a low-stress setting.

4. Children learn to build a strong character. In addition to making new friends, summer campers also develop an appreciation for the qualities required to cultivate and strengthen relationships. Summer Camp provides children with the core values of a strong, moral individual by adapting ethics, honesty, caring, respect and responsibility through our interesting fun filled games. Children learn the value of culture and appreciate other’s culture. Parents usually give a feedback that their children are more kind, demonstrate giving, stand up for right and are willing to
take more responsibility.

5. Fosters independence. At summer camp, children learn the responsibility of making their own decisions . Children at our camps can take risk finding out what works and what doesn’t, in the process discovering new facets of themselves. The camp environment provides peer and friendly care takers who encourage children to quickly overcome their need for constant parental dependency.

6. Identity: Camps provides children discover their identity as they get environment to do something they love, discover hidden talents explore new creativity. Post camp experience children come out really feeling proud of themselves.

7. To get Energised Our Summer Camp combines academic rigour with high energy and excitement for all participating children. Children feel energised and excited to try new things and making new friends. Playing , dancing and enjoying themselves to the fullest.The camp builds round resilience in children.

8. Learn New Skills. In our summer camps we can vouch children always come out learning new skills as we have innovating structured programs every year to make the summer camp an instant hit. Children explore their hobbies , develop life skills like decision making, socialising, moral values, self reliance, tolerance and cooperation. Our Summer Camp instils appreciation and gratitude.

9. Get Healthy: Children now a prison to school and tuitions. Summer camp gives them break to get fresh air, heathy exercise and games. It much healthier option for children they spending boring vacation at home.

10. Fun and Entertainment: We promise fun and entertaintment to all our children. The break they will love and go back with cherish memories. Parents are always glad and go back with smile . The decision they will take pride on. We have a blend of education learning courses with life skills in fun filled environment bringing joy to every enrolled child. Children in our summer camp have the time of their lives. Summer camp gives much needed break from the academic year where creativity, thrills, smiles and happiness are in abundance.

“Let your children choose their own adventure with our unique fun loving Summer
Camp at Euro Kids Tollygunge and Behala”