It has been very often and rightly said that teaching is the noblest of all professions who handle the responsibility of shaping the future of a country. Teaching jobs exist in several tiers including primary school teaching, middle school and high school teaching and others. But the Montessori level teaching seems to be highly crucial since the teachers have to deal with children from the grass root levels. The job requires the person to be highly lovable and affectionate along with possessing the skills to impart quality education that the tiny tots require for a brighter future.


The foremost thing that a person needs to do in order to get into a Montessori teacher’s job is to receive the required training. There are several institutes across the country which provide Nursery Teacher’s Training that make the interested candidates well equipped for the job. There are some notable institutes across Kolkata including locations like Netaji Nagar, Kolkata and Behala, Kolkata which provide high quality training under the vocational courses meant for the purpose. A career as a Nursery teacher requires the concerned person to be patient, a good communicator, compassionate, flexible, creative and a great planner to be the best in the job. The Nursery Teacher’s Training institutes brush these skills up which helps them be well prepared to deal with the children in the Nursery Classes. The training institutes provide a certification at the end of the course and once done, there are lot number of opportunities available in the country for the primary school teachers. 


There are a large number of training institutes under the All India Early Childhood Care and Education that provide people with Nursery Teacher’s Training diploma and certified courses. Although the minimum qualification to get into a course in any of these institutes is a 12th pass certificate, there is no upper age limit for the same. The duration of the courses generally vary from o 1 to 2 years. The courses generally deal with theory and practical classes with an aim of making the trainees aware regarding basic facts about child psychology and child education.


Once done with the certification, a person can apply for the vacant posts at any nursery school, may it be independent or private or may it be under any school or could even start a nursery of her own. Since most of the Montessori schools come under different boards and different schools, the salary of the nursery school teachers varies accordingly. However, the job of a nursery Montessori teacher offers great work to payment ratio. 


Since the job of a Montessori teacher deals with shaping the children’s minds from the beginner level, it requires a lot of patience combined with love and affection. A person with these qualities can surely opt for this job and the courses at the training institutes would definitely help her utilize all the available measures to enhance the knowledge and personality of the children.

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