Difference between traditional and Montessori Schools

In Montessori school teacher usually is more of a guide. The child determines learning as per their interest. In the traditional school teacher plays a central role. The child receives direction from the teacher and is suppose to follow the instructions.
Montessori kits are unique and help children to explore. The child in Montessori schools is not required to carry books every day. In typical traditional school, school bags comprises of heavy load of books and stationary which children need to carry every day to school. This method od education has become outdated.
The Montessori technique’s provides internal self-discipline to the child. The teacher most of time uses authority to discipline children.
The Montessori teaching methodology promotes community building, sharing and socializing. Children usually loaded with school work have limited scope and time to socialize.
The Montessori methodology children are encouraged to explore using self ideas, judgments. Most of time children make their own decisions. In the traditional schools teachers command complete control in class rooms and children rarely get opportunity to use their ideas and decisions.
In the Montessori schools children get opportunity use their own intelligence. In traditional school teacher works more on instruction mode and   indicates errors .Children mostly follow teacher’s instructions.
In the Montessori teaching environment children remain excited to explore and discover new learning’s. In typical traditional schools report cards and grades are the only learning rewards.
Practical life skills in Montessori method are focal aspects to the overall curriculum. Theory based teaching becomes focal area of curriculum in the traditional teaching method.
In the Montessori school children are given space to move around as per their comfort and yet not disturb others. In the traditional school the child needs to stick to own chair and expected to spend most of the school day from a fixed allocated space.
The Montessori Philosophy allows parents to be more engaged and participative. In most traditional schools parent’s involvement usually limited to report cards and exam grades.


In Montessori children learn through themes. The concepts are the key. In traditional schools children need to follow age old syllabus without understanding the concepts.




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