Play School in Netaji Nagar Tollygunge

After School offering best Play School in Behala and Tollygunge (Netaji Nagar).

Learning at EuroKids happens through experience and reflection on doing. With Buddy, your child experiences quality education and learns to explore and enjoy the surroundings. The integrated use of scientifically designed games, toys and technology makes learning a lot more fun and engaging. Our emphasis on the child’s well-being and development in close coordination with parents, makes it a perfect experience for your child. This exciting 360 degree engagement is what makes EuroKids Your Child’s Second Home!

A Pre-School is your child’s first experience away from you and it’s a huge leap for you as parents as well as for your child. This transition of your child between home and school has to be smooth, that’s why we have Buddy, Your Child’s Fun-Partner. As your little bundle of joy takes the first step into a new world, he or she is not alone. Buddy is always there to help him/her get comfortable and offer a nurturing environment. This makes Buddy your child’s best friend in the outside world.

Euro Kids celebrates Annual Sports Day for its Behala and Netaji Nagar  School on 4th Feb 17


576/A/17 Diamond Harbour Road,(opposite Ashoka Cinema), Kolkata 700034, Mobile: +91 9836289033

Netaji Nagar:

5/30A, Netaji Nagar, Kolkata 70040, Mobile: +91 9836289033