Why Behala and Netaji Pre School is considered best pre school in Kolkata?

Kids are capable of demonstrating variety of capabilities like academic, dance, and music and artistic. All our pre-school theme plays emphasis on initiative, socializing and sharing. Children learn most importantly by taking their own decisions. Our pre-school methodology pays lot of attention to a child incorporating their own ideas and creativity. The pre-school takes special care where children learn to control their feelings and freely express  themselves. Children are given plenty of hands on opportunities to explore things around them.

In our pre-school we work on strong fundamentals on how to learn, young ones takes learning as exploration and  go beyond  memorization. Children look upon the school as safe and friendly. Chidlren love to come back to school  everyday. Our pre schools are progressive where we for example do not repeat and make children memorize “A” for Apple, instead children learn by using all their five senses. They are made to first have a look and feel of apple, sense its smell, shape and color, eat it to feel taste. Children  explore the  apple which becomes their life long learnings rather than traditionally memorise “A” for apple.

We ensure our pre schools have trained and skilled Montessori teachers to work with different strengths and needs of children. Our pre schools have qualified and experienced teachers.  We never

Why Behala and Netaji Pre School is considered best pre school in Kolkata

compromise on the quality of our teachers. We invest heavily on our teachers so as they constantly upgrade their skills and remain updated with Montessori teaching techniques. All our teachers are sensitive to children needs. Teachers take personal care and attention to each child. Children fall in love with teachers. Teachers becomes their true friends and guide. We  also ensure e that all our care takers are experienced and caring.

Most schools demand parents to teach toilet manners at home or have children wear diapers. In our pre-school children learn toilet manners with their peers and trained staff. Our trained staff helps children wash .Children thereafter are encouraged to wash their hands. Children in our pre-school,  very soon come out of diapers. Young children quickly adapt to toilet habits as one of their biggest milestones.

Eating experience is a part of daily pre schooling. Children as they grow in our play schools quickly learn to use their little fingers and later eat by spoons and drink   in glasses and cups.

Parents love to discover children demonstrating table manners with them at dinner. Children learn to dress and undress. Take off shoes and wear them while our staff assist them as required.

This makes our Netaji and Behala  play school  favorites  amongst parents  and top play school in Kolkata.

What does our pre-school  look like?

In our pre-schools classes does not have a typical table and chairs. Children instead have different areas allocated for play and activities. The class room never belongs to teachers, it belongs to the children.

Children need free and open space to move around.  Children   select the play and activity of their choice.  Teachers keeps a close tap on children so as they are comfortable to engage in the activities as per their interest.

Our pre-schools have special gym where little children play and exercise. There are rooms allocated which changes as per themes like market place, theatre, post office , fire station,  sand play, water play, art and crafts so as children live the experience.

The floors have mats so as children do not hurt themselves when they fall. Special care are taken on safety and  cleanliness.

Thoughtful space created in our preschool  allows  children to freely run, play,  climb, jump and engage in imaginative games.

Our pre-school has Montessori materials to encourage theme based learnings, learnings by self-doing, learnings by explorations. Few of the Montessori materials  are like pink tower, sensory play items, cylinder blocks where children learn and experience different shapes and size, color tablets, flash cards, noise box, brown stairs, lace frame, button frame, number count plates, beads, rolling pins.

Children enjoy with crafts.  Our nursery school specializes in crafts.  The kindergarten children love making crafts. Few craft items are paper crumbling, paper twisting, paper tearing, thumb painting, finger painting, palm painting, brush painting, vegetable painting, paper folding, spray painting, sponge tabbing, and origami.

Notice Boards are always updated with interesting theme  displays like literacy skill, art and craft, numeracy and conceptual skills.

Our pre schools are equipped with state of art CCTV, air conditioners, refrigerator, and oven required for the comfort of the children. To take care of the children food   our pre-school has full blown hygiene pantry. We always deploy   experienced and well trained maids as care takers.

Pre School library has variety of books covering all the themes  and  interests of the children. Toys are kept clean and variety of scientific toys helps children improve their motor skills and classes are always alive with high energy and vibrant children.

Our pre-school celebrates all the festivals. Children are made to actively participate in each of these festivals so as they learn the significance of each festival and life skills of community feeling and socializing. Some of the favourite festivals amongst children are like Durga Puja, Idd, Diwali, Christmas, Holi, Raksha Bandhan.