Why Holi is celebrated

Choti Holi is celebrated  a night prior with rituals performing Holika  Dahan (burning of Holika) celebrating victory over evil. The mythology calls  it victory of Prahlada (devotee of Lord  Vishnu)  over Hiranyakashipu (who wanted to be worshiped as God).  The fire  is considered as  sacred which burns away all the  negative energies and evils.
The next morning  people spray colors and have  fun with color and water. Special dishes are cooked , people dance  with music and have fun. It’s such a delight to see people from  all walks of life coming together. Holi  a festival of colors,  symolises friendship and peace.  The colors sprayed are considered to be healthy . Holi fosters truthfulness, community feeling, peace and harmony. Holi  is a great culture which unites  people. We are proud as Indian in having such a colorful festival.
The festival of Holi is one of the favorite festivals amongst children as they love to play with colors , water guns and water balloons.
Safe Holi
The spirit of fun and joy should  not get spoil with injuries.  Safe Holi  becomes important especially with children.
Organic and natural color : Avoid raw colors and colors with chemicals. . Avoid metallic color Try to use diluted color in water.
Watch your eye:  Protect your eyes from infection or injury.  Wear glasses if required.
Allergy skin: If you allergic skin be careful, apply  oil or cream before playing with colors.
Clean Water: Play with clean water and do not over indulge with water to be safe from catching cold.
Wash yourself: After playing with colors have a good bath using shampoo, conditioner, lotion as applicable to wash over excessive color on skin and face.
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